Earn a FREE Hotel Stay

Rest easy with a FREE night stay at Treasure Island! Earn 250 base points any day in July and you’ll receive one free standard hotel stay, valid for one night Sunday-Wednesday in July. Simply earn 250 base points on your Island Passport Club card and swipe your card at a kiosk to print your voucher. Then stop by the hotel front desk or call 1-888-867-7829 to make your reservation.

Points earned for this promotion are for base points only and do not include any bonus points earned. Reservations are based on availability. Points must be earned in one day. Limit one per person per promotion.  No reprints. See a player development supervisor or casino host if your ticket did not print properly. Must be 21 years of age or older to reserve a room. This offer is made at the sole discretion of Treasure Island Resort & Casino and is subject to modification or cancellation at any time without prior notice.  Passport Club card required at check-in.  Other restrictions and rules may apply.