Friday, October 3 | 6:30pm

Head to The Island to Beat the Boss! Sign up for our No-Limit Texas Hold’em tournament with $30 buy-in, $10 bounty and a $10 entry fee! Each player will receive $2,000 in tournament chips and the blinds will increase every twenty minutes. If you knock out a player, you’ll receive $10. If you take out the Boss, receive $100. Players have the option to buy a $5 add-on at seating for an additional $1,000 in starting chips!

Last month’s tournament players failed to take out the boss, so we’ve up the bounty on the boss’s head to $250 plus $180 will be added to the prize pool! Beat the boss in next tournament on Friday, October 3 and the bounty is yours.

The tournament will be limited to the first 50 guests.