Friday, May 1 | 6:30pm

Come take out Cory Cove from KFAN in this special celebrity edition of Beat the Boss bounty poker tournament and win $500 cash! Plus, four randomly selected tournament players will be chosen as secret mystery bounties worth $100 each. No one will know who the bounties are until they get knocked out. If it happens to be you and you win the tournament, you’ll get to keep your own bounty.

This Texas Hold’em tournament has a $40 buy-in, $10 bounty and a $15 entry fee! Each player will receive $2,000 in tournament chips and the blinds will increase every twenty minutes. If you knock out a player, you’ll receive $10. If you take out the Boss, receive $500. If the Boss places in the money, that money will carry over to the next month’s tournament prize pool. Players have the option to buy an $8 add-on at seating for an additional $2,000 in starting chips!

The tournament will be limited to the first 60 guests. Late entries not allowed.