Treasure Island Resort & Casino has gone all out, so you can go all in! Our poker room boasts the easiest Bad Beat qualifying hand and a $4 maximum rake.  And now we are offering kill and 1/2 kill games!

Put on your best poker face and play Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi-Lo, Seven Card Stud and the newly added Royal Flush Progressives and Straight Flush Bonuses. Table limits range from $2-$4 to $30-$60, as well as a variety of “spread-limit” Texas Hold’em games. And don’t worry about full tables; you can call 1-800-222-7077, extension 2948 to be placed on a waiting list. Good times are in the cards at The Island!

Royal Flush Progressive

Now during all business hours! Hit a royal flush and win big! We’ve created a separate jackpot for each suit starting at $100!

Winners must use one hole card to qualify, hand must be shown, must be at least 5 players dealt in and at least $10 in the pot.

Straight Flushes Always Win

Now during all business hours! Show your straight flush using both hole cards and win $50 on any Texas Hold’em game.

Hand must be shown, and there must be at least $10 and 5 active players in the pot.

Quads Win

Now during all business hours. Win $44 every time you get a pocket pair and turn it into quads!

Must be at least $10 in the pot, and must be 5 active players in the pot.

Match Your Stack

Earn one drawing slip for every one hour of play on a live poker game starting at 10am on Saturdays. One winner will be drawn every hour from 4pm-10pm. We will match however many chips are in front of them at the time of the drawing up to $75 on 2-4 & 2-6, $150 on 3-6 and $250 on 2-10 and higher.

Must be at least 5 players dealt in. Guests are only eligible to win once per day.

Poker Room Schedule Hours Promotions
Sunday 10am-close Crazy Pineapple | 12:30pm $30+$10 buy in
Aces Cracked | 10am-8pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 10am-close Aces Cracked | 10am-8pm
Deep Stacks | 6:30pm
Friday 10am-close Beat the Boss | 6:30pm $30+$10+$10 buy in
first Friday in every month
Bounty | 6:30pm $30+$10+$10
Saturday 10am-close N.L.H.E tournament | 12:30pm $50-$10 buy in
Match Your Stack | 4pm-10pm

Please note: If there is a live poker game with five or more players, the poker room will remain open.